Timetable & Class Descriptions

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Group Classes are designed for clients free of pain. If you are in pain, or unsure where to start, feel free to call me on 0414 683835 to clear any questions or doubt.



Surf Flow









A training session direct to Surfers or Ocean lovers but really anyone is welcome. This is not a kids class. Teenagers of the age of 15 years, who have basic strength level, are welcome with parents authorisation. It’s a similar session to Move4Life but this class is delivered on the BJJ Mat area, which makes more fun to roll around. Level 2/3. Price is $12 , Please bring cash as there is no eftpos.

$12 Casual


Biodynamic Moves











Cultivating strength and applying body-mindfulness into movement for everyday life. In Mov4Life you will find a unique modality of exercises. The focus is to learn to practice quality of movement. You will may need to adapt to new concepts such as: animal movements, hanging variations , handstands, how learning to move slowly is the way to build strength, teaching the body to move gracefully, combine movements in one ( somewhat like a choreography), locomotion variations, camaraderie (working with a partner) and sure to overcome hard surfaces. In this class we prefer barefoot, but please bring a pair of socks. Free weights may be used

$12 Casual



Kick Butt













A class designed to work the lower extremity. Great and unique variations of leg movement for all genders.

$12 Casual