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I’m Stephanie Pettersen! I am Former 4 x World Bodyboarding Champion and 6 x Times Winner of  the Women’s Bodyboarding Pipeline Master.

I call myself a Movement Therapist! What is movement training? To me is learning to explore your own body, and by becoming an explorer of your own body, your body becomes endless. Movement education is educating ourselves on how to hold ourselves in this world, it maybe a posture and breathe or a big drop into a barrel ( if you are a surfer).

By practicing simple patterns such as a crawl (baby crawl) we can rewire the brain. Most of the time we go on about our days and there is a flow of informations running through our body. The question, are you listening? These flows perhaps points out to direct places where the energy is stuck.Where there is no flow there is no energy. The  limitations may exist from past experiences, emotional or physical, let’s call it a trauma. If emotions are the reason behind this limitations then the need of slowing down the mind/body movement is extremely important. It seems there are always a feel of rush around emotions and creating awareness is the key. Good body movement can reset our engrams, can dissolve limitations. Engrams is where movement comes from – good or bad.

Once our body is FREE of pain and struggle, the breath should naturally flows with each movement, it is an open door to sustain a new practice that brings further new skills and amazing body strength, one that will help you on your daily life.

Is movement training for everyone?  Yes it is, movement is natural to us humans. Keep in mind, like any practice is about being conscious of your body limitations and being aware of when you pushing to much, always quality over quantity.

My movement classes and private lessons cover a wide range of movement and functional training methods and is inundated with my own personal creations. I am aroused by methods and teachings of few unique mentors and therapist.

My goal as a trainer is to help people of all ages and genders, with what it feels like to move again like a human, or at least understand their limitations and how to live with it. I work with clients with special needs, general people with all fitness levels, all ages, and athletes. It is a passion of mine to make a difference in people’s lives by being an open book, sharing all my knowledge, energy and listening carefully to what they have to share.

We only have one body, so let’s use it the best way we can.


Class Contents


Movement The art  of movement is one that requires, focus, letting go and freedom. To move your body gracefully and be connected to movement is possible,  even to the people who thinks is impossible. You may have watch these liberation episodes by watching ” Dance with the Stars”, but you need to be open to it. Physical Freedom means having the attributes that allow you to know your body can do the things you want and need it to do.

Mobility and Strength Using a variety of systems and techniques for true usable mobility development, joint strength and body control, including the preparation required for building prerequisites ready for more complex movement and strength work. My Strength training works harmoniously with mobility development using the most effective but simple tools e.g. gymnastic rings, free weights and many other tools that work. Maximising movement potential, safely, efficiently and effectively.

Locomotion and Crawling Influenced by  Ido Portal’s Locomotion, Capoeira, Ginastica Natural, Movnat and Dr. Chang work, crawling and moving close to the ground is great for neurological (re)development, coordination, useable active mobility, strength development and conditioning.

Balancing Balance is important to all movements and an intrinsic part of life. I apply the art of balancing  or balancing on your hands using a variety of disciplines e.g. learning the basics leading to a handstand, using a variety of support techniques for beginners.

Hanging  We’ve evolved from arboreal animals. Hanging/ Climbing will help you rekindle your childhood spirit. Find out why hanging and brachiation and many other climbing techniques are integral for shoulder health. Learn and use specific techniques, laying the foundation for free exploration and play, cultivating routes to repeat building agility and speed and the practise of balancing, all whilst simultaneously building physical conditioning and mental fortitude. Learn to climb like a human!

Breathing  Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die but how much importance do we give to breathing? If you can’t breathe properly, you can’t think clearly and can’t connect your body with efficiency. With breathing exercises, inhaling and exhaling, we bring our mind and body to work together because both are focused on the same thing , movement and breathing or perhaps just breathing alone to massage and feed the internal organs.

Camaraderie Whether dance influenced, combative or usually a combination of both, we are always playful and it’s about getting back to human connection. Moving in a group / tribe and learning new skills together has often underestimated benefits from positive social engagement, camaraderie, coping with the unpredictable, and problem solving. Nothing is more complex than interacting with another human. We even make friends in my classes! Inversions Inversions are great attribute to add t your daily life. It Relieves Spinal Pain, Increase Blood Flow, Control Indigestion, Decrease Mood Swings, Enhances Immunity, Countering Insomnia, Help Posture and more… One of the most shocking facts about inversion is that bats and slots are the only creatures on earth who will never suffer from osteoarthritis. This is because inversion is in their natural habitat. So, if you have a family history of osteoarthritis, then make sure you start inverting from today. Free Weights Free weight exercises allow you to mimic actual movements that you actually do in real life, and in the exact manner you’d actually do them. It’s a perfect addition to certain movement combinations or just to a specific movement pattern to increase the work.   INSTAGRAM @holistictraineoz